Committed to sustainability


Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy

Sub-goal 7.2: The portion of renewable energy should be increased

Over the past several years, we have aimed at increasing the portion of renewable energy sources. We have already come far in our efforts, but are seeking for further improvements. In 2022 we have for instance acquired a certificate for ensuring that approx. 40% of our power consumption is based on green sources of energy.

Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

Sub-goal 8.2: Technological upgrading and innovation

Our continuous focus is on innovative solutions and technological upgrading, such as robotics and automation, and new production processes requiring less energy consumption. These efforts contribute to obtaining an increase in value.

Sub-goal 8.8: Production

One of our major concerns is to promote safe and secure working environments. 

We continuously support activities that enhance the safety and well-being of our employees:

  • We provide special jobs for persons with disabilities.
  • We take care of employees suffering from illness or experiencing domestic problems.
  • Job rotation is provided if needed due to allergic reactions or other problems.
  • Flexible parental leave schemes are offered to meet the needs of the individual families.

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

Sub-goal 12.5: Reduction of waste

We have a goal-oriented approach to reducing waste generation by minimizing our resource consumption, and ensuring better waste sorting and recycling. The specific goals are incorporated in our environmental statement.

More than half of the electricity used for the production of our cylinder valves derives from renewable energy sources!

Denmark focuses on clean, renewable energy. The wind production per capita exceeds that of any other OECD country.

Over the past 25 years, Denmark has obtained great reductions in energy consumption and significantly improved our energy efficiency. This is achieved through dedicated efforts from private companies, public institutions and consumers. 

In Denmark the wind production per capita exceeds that of any other OECD country. You may be surprised to hear that wind energy is not the most widely used renewable energy source in Denmark. The main source is actually bioenergy, followed by wind, solar and geothermal energy.

Wind energy alone accounts for 53.6% of all energy used in Denmark in 2022.

Müller Gas Equipment A/S is participating in the efforts to enhance the use of renewable energy. When choosing Müller Gas Equipment A/S as your supplier of valves, you help support a lower carbon footprint and a step in the right direction of reducing the world’s carbon emissions.

Brighter and greener!

Energy-efficient LED lighting illuminates a sustainable future.

Our factory is now illuminated by energy-efficient LED tubes, reducing our energy consumption by up to 50% compared to traditional fluorescent tubes. This transformation not only reduces our enviromental footprint, but also extends the lifespan of our lighting sources by 2-4 times.

This initiative not only helps reduce our environmental footprint, but also provides a significant cost saving through reduced electricity consumption and low maintenance. At Müller Gas Equipment A/S, we are excited about our investment in a brighter and more energy-efficient solution for the company.

Harnessing Heat for a Greener Tomorrow

Müller Gas Equipment A/S is proud to introduce the latest environmental initiative – our heat recovery system. 

We have implemented a heat recovery system designed to capture and repurpose the heat produced by our air compressors, reaching temperatures between 40-50°C. We expect to save around 285,000 kWh per year with this system.

This initiative marks a significant step towards increased energy efficiency and resource conservation at Müller Gas Equipment A/S.

Same quality, reduced CO2

In re-designing our high pressure cylinder valve type 451, we have reduced the carbon emissions.

We have introduced a slimline version of our high-pressure cylinder valve 451.

With the new type 453 valve, we have managed to bring down the CO2 emissions related to the production by an average of 13.3%. Moreover, the slimline version does not compromise the high quality and safety standards.

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