High Quality Products

Müller Gas Equipment A/S manufactures high quality products as they are used in applications with high pressure.

Our quality procedures ensure that our products comply with the strict European industry standards. Safety is essential and with more than 90 years of experience with gas equipment we have the expertise to fulfil these requirement.

Our products conform to the TPED and PED standards depending on which application they are used for. BAM in Berlin is our notified body and as an independent body they control that Müller Gas Equipment A/S complies with the standards.


Müller Gas Equipment works in accordance with the management system standards ISO:9001:2015 and shrive for responsible business conduct. 

Certificate for ISO 9001:2015

This certificate approves that the Quality Management System at Müller Gas Equipment A/S applies to ISO 9001:2015 requirements


This certificate is issued due to an extraordinary fulfilment on best practise in environment issues.

Our Quality Policy

Our aim is that the Müller Gas Equipment products shall be perceived as being among the very best in our line of business.

We focus on our customers and make sure that customers are heard. This in particular is done through a close cooperation between our markets and our Design & Development department in the process of de­veloping new prod­ucts.

The perception of quality in our products among customers shall be enhanced by MGE meeting our own specifications and high quality standards at the same time as we comply with na­tional laws and inter­national standards. We want to be the cooperating partner, who offers customers and distributors a very high level of service.

Elements which make up a part of the Müller Gas Equipment Quality Management System must comply with the requirements in the standard DS-EN ISO 9001.

The purpose of the Müller Gas Equipment Quality Management System is to ensure that customers experience good quality and well performing products whenever dealing with MGE.

By managing our processes and collecting of data we will minimize the risk of product failure. The analysis of such data and the facts derived is the basis for continuous improvement and for a consistent profitable production.

We work towards continuous improvement both through the collection of data from our customers, through our Continuous Improvement System and through engaging all employees in relating both critically and constructively to the output of all jobs performed.

We strive towards establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relation with our suppliers, and through sharing of know-how and thus levelling our competencies we work towards having better and less costly components and products.