616 – Step Down Valve

About this valve
The Müller High Flow Pressure Reduction Valve type 616 for industrial use offers a new innovative design for pack or single cylinder applications. The valve is equipped with a regulating unit, safety valve and RPV function, and it is approved for 300 bar Inert and Oxygen service. The possibility to fil through the 300 bar filling connection and ake out 70 bar at the low pressure side with your existing regulator gives a unique cost saving opportunity. Upgrade your 200 bar bundles to 300 bar without complications for your customers.

The regulating unit of the valve has a high fow capacity compared to its size and is preset at 70 bar +15/-10 bar. For single cylinder applications, the valve can be used without a permanent protection guard (cylinder package ≤ 100kg).

The valve is manufactured on state of the art machinery, and the quality is monitored throughout the entire process. The final product is subjected t a 100% functional test after assembly ensuring you a world class Pressure Reduction Valve!

Product Details
MGE type 616, Inert & Oxygen
Inlet 25ES, others on request
Outlet 5/8″ BSP RH INT
Burst Disc On request
Regulation system Outlet pressure 70 bar +15/-10 bar
Handwheel Plastic, black
Logo plug Neutral or with logo
Tape On request
Approved PI 0589
Leak valve Yes
Surface treatment On request
RPV Yes, 3,0-7,5 bar retain pressure
Working pressure ≤310 bar

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