518 – Improved RPV

RPV improvements

  1.  Prolonged lifetime on the RPV unit, lowering maintenance costs.
  2. RPV noise level dramatically reduced compared to competitors,
    this is at all flow rates.
  3. Improved temperature range on the RPV seal (-40º C to + 140º C)
  4. The RPV can withstand 50 blow downs with CO2 / 100 KG cylinder
  5. The opening/closing pressure range is improved.
  6. The valve is Adiabatic tested at CTE at a TP 360 bar.
Product Details
MGE type 518
Inlet 17E / 25E ISO 11363-1
Outlet As to gas and standard
Burst Disc Yes on request
Inlet filter Yes on request, M10x0.75
Handwheel Plastic, black: ø58.5 or ø65
Logo plug Neutral or with logo
Max Flow Yes on request
Approved PI 0589
Dip Tube Yes on request
Working pressure 300 bar
Tape / Plastic protection cap Yes on request
Fusiable element Yes on request

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